Practical solutions and advice for every Australian workplace

Personally tailored solutions for your business. Working with you to ensure your workplace law obligations are met through a combination of action, information, and education.

Regardless of the size of your business, Kerry takes the time to understand what a preferred outcome looks like for your company, considering the most effective, straightforward approach and taking action.

Kerry offers accredited mediation services, and regularly delivers governance and education training and development on all things ESG and DEIB to boards and leadership teams.

Large corporate, or small business, Kerry Gibb has a solution.

Our pricing and our why

Complete care

Kerry is all about you and your workplace. Kerry has a wealth of experience across the entire spectrum, as an HR Manager, HR Lawyer and director, providing her with a unique overview of the obligations and key considerations at every level. This allows her to deliver holistic solutions for your entire business, appreciating the competing interests at play.

Value pricing – fixed fees and retainers

Kerry operates on a value pricing basis, offering a fixed fee or retainer, depending on the type of work you require.  Unlike traditional hourly rate charging, fixed or retainer fee arrangements provide you with financial certainty regarding your costs and value for money.

A fixed fee ensures that you will not be charged any more than the fee quoted, even if the work exceeds initial estimates.

Workplace relations

Representing clients before various courts, commissions, and tribunals, Kerry deals with many disputes, including unfair dismissals, general protections, anti-discrimination, and class actions.

Accredited mediator

Kerry understands the importance of transparent processes and clear unbiased language. Using her many years of experience in human resources and dispute resolution, Kerry takes action quickly, effectively, and confidentially.

Governance advisory

Managing governance frameworks and practices and implementing improvement programmes to ensure your board is compliant and appropriately documented.  Supporting organisations in responding to critical incidents and other crises, with a focus on agility and compassion.