Accredited mediator

NMAS accredited mediator registered with the Queensland Law Society.

Mediation is a crucial element of long-term sustainable resolutions, and an effective way to deal with workplace grievances and disputes, or restorative processes. Kerry offers immediate and ongoing solutions to ensure conflicts are resolved and do not resurface. As a natural, plain English communicator, Kerry understands the importance of transparent processes and clear unbiased language. Using her many years of experience in human resources and dispute resolution, Kerry takes action quickly, effectively, and confidentially.


Products and services include-

  • Policies and procedures – development | implementation | training
  • Wage audits – mitigating wage theft and underpayment claims
  • Mergers and acquisitions – due diligence reports and audits
  • Dispute resolution – alternative dispute resolution | representation in courts and tribunals
  • Employment contracts – small business or C-Suite | restraints of trade | incentives and bonuses | independent contracting
  • Workplace mediations – grievance resolution | repairing workplace relationships | restorative processes
  • Employment law – proactive compliance | advisory | culture and wellbeing | training
  • Workplace investigations – workplace bullying | sexual harassment | grievances | misconduct
  • Health and safety – compliance | audits | advisory
  • Training and development – supporting you to gain the skills and knowledge you need
  • Board and leadership – advisory committee member | training and development
  • Liaising with regulators – Fair Work Ombudsman | safety regulators | ATO | human rights